We have a new series of Food, Nutrition & Fitness Workshops for 2019: 

Knowledge is constantly changing & evolving; real food is very much back on the agenda, fat is back on the agenda; low fat and the latest fads are going off the agenda. Nick Owen is a fan of real quality food, from all food groups, and a believer that for most of us, this provides the best and most sustainable option for long term health. His writings and workshops reflect this: 

  • Food Foundations: The basic nutrients: protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins and minerals - what, when, how much; and what are the best sources


  • Fuelling Fitness: Food to fuel your sport, training, exercise and activity; what, why, how much, before & after, and easy meal and snack ideas

  • Food, Fitness, Facts & Fiction: The latest research on diets, fasting, supplements, highlighting the major changes in our knowledge of nutrition and fitness.

  • Fuelling Vitality: We focus on how food & drink impacts your immune system, your energy levels and overall vitality.

  • Technology: We look at the latest way technology is impacting the food and fitness industry - and those tools that can support individual goals and health & wellness

And a few more short workshops to take some of the hassle out of meal planning:

  • Recipe for Success: Ideas for easy meals and snacks

  • Out to Lunch: What's on offer near your offices

  • Delivering Food: An assessment of all the home delivery food options now available