Introducing Training Fuel

Welcome to the first issue of 'Training Fuel; My blog is designed to inspire you with interesting information, practical advice and food for thought to enhance your eating, training & lifestyle - and where we can, to have that little additional influence on those around us and the world around us.

I take my inspiration from many sources  - food, fitness, science, technology, business, economics, environmental, sustainable - researching & being  inquisitive around the latest knowledge and discussions. I read widely and am passionate about real food, disciplined training, effective programming, sustainability, functionality, practicality - and always being mindful of our contribution to the environment in which we live.  I am also passionate about the difference knowledge can make in our work and business environments, and include a section with a focus on enhancing performance and knowledge here too.

If the above interests you, I  would love it if you sign up now for Issue 1 of Training Fuel,  and hopefully through the course of this blog, I will be able to share that extra knowledge that can be beneficial to you and those around you, in both your social and business environment - and what better way to start than with something as simple and profound as this via The Fast Company: 

'I’ve noticed that the way I spend my lunch break affects how productive I am for the rest of the day: how quickly I get started once I get back to my desk, how effective I am in the first hour after lunch, and how I feel throughout the afternoon'.

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