'I must add my congratulations here. I have overheard a number of people around the club (and of course in the changing room, where all real feedback is delivered) singing the praises of this programme'. Rosi Prescott, Chief Executive, YMCA

And a selection of comments from those who have attended recent seminars:

''I attended the Appetite for knowledge seminar on Tuesday. It was held in my gym and run by a very charming, non medical nutritionist called Nick Owen. This very interesting and welcoming man gave us a basic knowledge of nutrition and its main aspects in our life. It was a small group of 8 people who are interested in a healthier lifestyle and want to know more about healthy living benefits… there were sentences and statements that shocked me, statements I dare to disagree with, but most of the stuff made sense…''

'The seminars have improved my knowledge of nutrition & how I can make the most of it when I exercise, & beyond'.

'This was fantastic - thank you so so much'.

'Nick was very warm & welcoming, & answered all our questions. I learnt lots; I would definitely recommend the seminar to a friend'.

'I wish I had attended the earlier ones - when are you running them again?'.

And for some individual client testimonials, please contact Nick, and he will share details with you, or introduce you to them in person.