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We propose office based & on-line content accessible to all employees and office locations:

Our content is a mixture of our own thoughts and words on a variety of food and fitness related subjects; as well as tapping into the wealth of good work from individuals, businesses, media, publications, blogs and web pages that share our belief that food should be enjoyable, sustainable, real, nourishing & honest - we have learnt some really interesting stuff from discussions in the likes of The Economist, Newsweek, New Scientist & Wired (hence our inclusion of some the logos below on this page).

We also focus on the office environment, mindful of our ever increasing knowledge of the negative impact that the sendentary office lifestyle has. We can develop office yoga & mobility regimes using in-house sessions or video content;

Or we can simply set up early morning sessions to invigorate body & mind for the day, combined with at desk stretch & mobility routines – suitable for all in any environment.