The Basics of Nutrition

So who wants to look & feel great today & every day? Me, you, the person next to you on the bus, the person crammed next to you on the train, your colleague, your boss; In reality, probably all of us…

Clever marketing people, businesses, food manufactures all know this too – they know that we will prick our ears up at any solution that will help us to look & feel great, particularly if it seems to be new & easy – so every day we are bombarded with the latest diets, supplements and foods that allegedly enable us to do this.

‘Follow this routine for a month, eat this food for a month, take this supplement, consume this rare South American herb daily.’’ All of these allegedly lead to us miraculously achieving the look we want.

Reality though is a little more complex than being determined by a few foods, supplements or exercises – and a lot more mundane than the glamorous super foods, the latest wonder-supplement, the latest celebrity diet routine, or the latest piece of ‘at-home’ kit on the Home Shopping channel.

On the plus side, reality is cheaper too; we don’t need expensive or bespoke foods and supplements, we just need a balance of the right nutrients from nutritious foods at the right time & in the right quantity. We also need to be mindful of the uniqueness of our own body, and the type of exercise we are doing – though more on this later.

It is important to realise that is the food choices that we make hour by hour, meal by meal, week by week that really determine how we look & feel every day; our body shape, appearance, mental agility, body fat, concentration, physical ability are all a reflection of the frequent regular choices that we have made over the last few weeks, months & years.

In fact, science now tells us that our physical appearance, well-being & health & fitness goals are influenced 75% to 80% by diet, and only 20% to 25% by exercise; so regardless of the amount of exercise that we do, an exercise regime will never effectively counter the impact of a poor diet, or eating more food that our body needs (and yes, too much healthy nutritious food can be too much overall energy going into the body).

Here at What Food our aim is to give you the knowledge that enables you to put all this in to a context that works for you – I call this our Food Foundations – and the good news is that proper healthy eating leaves scope for that night out, that favourite ice cream, that odd weekend fry-up – as long as we are mindful that at other times we are getting that balanced of nutrients that our body needs from a range of natural fresh foods – with plenty of fruit, and more importantly plenty of vegetables.

I’ll take more about our Food Foundations in our next blog.