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Why Invest in a Healthy Workforce?


Research shows many profitable reasons for investment

A healthy workforce is more productive, with lower staff absence and sickness costs, as well as reduced staff turnover.

An analysis of 42 published studies of worksite health programs showed that companies implementing an effective wellness program realized significant cost reductions and financial gains, including:

An average of 28 percent reduction in staff sickness days

An average of 26 percent reduction in health costs

 92 percent of companies agreed that these programs are effective


What We Offer?


We provide Health & Wellness programmes tailored to your companies needs

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How We Work?


We work with you to improve employee satisfaction 

We will build programmes that enable you to achieve positive, productive and profitable health and wellbeing outcomes, enabling staff to realise their potential by providing a range of knowledge to do this. 

Our programmes will fit with your visions for your busuiness -  a firm buzzing with clever friendly motivated people, incorporating the fundamental principles of sustainability, One Planet Living, Well Building standard and more

Our programmes are based around a philosophy of learning, empowerment and self development; we will do this through a mix of site based workshops & on-line content

Positive outcomes of these sessions will be apparent both within and outside the work environment, and across a number of measures of both physical & mental well-being.

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