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1 to 1 consultations

These are a series of sessions designed to help the individual to achieve change; examples include:

  • To lose body fat weight, to gain muscle weight, or to achieve and maintain a healthy weight

  • To have more energy, better concentration and to be able to achieve more each day

  • To increase immunity, to reduce the effects of ageing, and to strengthen bone mass

And throughout, we will enhance the understanding of what to eat & when to eat, knowledge about all the foods available to us, and their impact on how we look and feel, as well as the functioning of our body.


A typical programme starts with the important basics; we agree goals and calculate rough daily energy needs; we review current eating habits, lifestyle patterns, and exercise regimes; we agree a realistic plan for change and action in the short term, medium term and long term.


We like to keep the goals simple and focussed; we help you convert dreams, wishes and desires into clear goals. We adopt the SMART principles in all the goal setting we do:

S = Specific, M = Measurable, A = Attainable, R = Relevant, T = Timely

Food Diary

What we chose to put into our body has the most fundamental impact on our health, and our ability to achieve our goals. It will also have had a huge impact on where we are now; our usual eating patterns over the last few years, the last few months, and the last few weeks are responsible for how we look and feel today.


Our first priority is to understand where we are now; we clearly define & quantify the current situation, and what it is that we want to change.

We then work with you to define and quantify what the desired change will look and feel like; and it is the progress towards this that we that we measure. 

Action Planning

So the goals are set; and we know where we are at this point in time; the next step is planning those changes that will take us there - usually small consistent steps over time as we move closer to those goals. We help map out those changes with realistic and timely steps.

On Going Review

We review at a frequency to suit you; the commitment to this change is for the medium & the long-term - and we review in a relistic way that encourages a consistent and persistent approach to achieving the goals; there will be the odd set-back along the route - and that's part of life, and for me the route to far more effective long term change - learning as we change & develop.

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Breakfast, Lunch & Supper Clubs


Here we offer you the opportunity to work in small groups, mixing & matching from all our programmes; you may want a bit of information from one of the areas on our Seminar Programme, you may want to take something of interest from our Corporate Menu, & then you may want to work in the style of the BITE Programme with some specific goals relevant to you.

The small group environment brings a number of potential benefits: it enables the cost to be spread, it is often more rewarding & fun, it can add that little bit more motivation. Additionally it may help you try some things you wouldn't do on your own, & be an easier environment for learning, benefiting from the more intimate smaller group.

Groups of up to 4 are ideal for doing this - you will work as a team, decide the areas you want to learn about, & then create some goals that are more specific to you - and support each other throughout the process of achieving these.

Get a small group together & let's meet up to talk more.....

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