Here the approach is individual, realistic & practical.

Nick works with clients to clearly identify specific goals & to prioritise these. There may be just one goal, or a number of related goals. Examples include better general health & a stronger immune system; losing fat or building muscle; increasing energy levels, self-confidence & clarity of thought; minimising the impact of aging & adding vitality to skin, hair, teeth & nails.

A typical programme starts with some important basics; calculating rough daily calories needs; reviewing current eating habits, lifestyle patterns & exercise regimes; and making a realistic plan of things to change in the short term, the medium term and the long term.

Different programmes are available to suit different client needs: 

  • The Eat to Achieve Snack Menu is a series of 3 sessions of 30 minutes sessions to get you well on the way to achieving your goals through better nutrition
  • The Eat to Achieve Full Menu is a series of 5 longer consultations working at a greater level of detail, and includes menu planning, pre & post exercise nutrition, as well as a trip to the supermarket. CLICK LINK FOR EXAMPLE MENUS
  • Additionally we offer one off consultations where you decide what is discussed; it may be a list of questions about things you have heard or read, or it may be a specific subject in detail.