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Profit with Nutrition workshops can be designed for a wide variety of business goals; these might include increased staff well-being & productivity; reduced sickness; encouraging a healthier & happier workforce with quality information on food & exercise; providing on site nutritional advice or Wellness Days; improving staff meal options & food offerings. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE

Research indicates many profitable reasons to invest in encouraging and educating employees in the areas of nutrition, fitness & general well-being. A business that encourages a healthy workforce is more productive, with lower staff absence and sickness costs, as well as reduced staff turnover. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE

Our Corporate menu can be tailored to your business needs, reflecting unique factors such as age breakdown of staff, general levels of health & fitness, working patters, or food facilities on site or nearby. We can even design a menu tailored to your needs, or organise practical cookery workshops.

A 2009 study found that workers who failed to eat a good nourishing breakfast cost the economy approximately £22 billion every year, or 923 million man hours. A similar study identified the equivalent of 97 million working days being lost. Other important findings included:

  • 45% of the population fail to eat a proper meal in the morning, and 46% said they lack energy on the days they have missed their morning meal.
  • 43% admit to being less productive without breakfast,  36% said that they felt tired, and 28% stated they suffer from a lack of concentration
  • 20% admit they are unable to do their job properly

And the benefits seem to go beyond the immediately quantifiable, with wider reaching business benefits such as improved atmosphere, reinforced company culture, and better staff retention.

To start making some basic calculations is easy: All we need to know are the number of employees in your organisation, average gross wages, & average number of days of absence. We will happily do this calculation for you, and can use it to talk further about how we may be able to help your business. JAMES; MAYBE THIS IS A CLICK LINK TO A PDF DOCUMENT TO SUBMIT?





Here we offer you the opportunity to work in small groups, mixing & matching from all our programmes; you may want a bit of information from one of the areas on our Seminar Programme, you may want to take something of interest from our Corporate Menu, & then you may want to work in the style of the Individual Menu Programme with some specific goals relevant to you.

The small group environment brings a number of potential benefits: it enables the cost to be spread, it is often more rewarding & fun, it can add that little bit more motivation. Additionally it may help you try some things you wouldn't do on your own, & be an easier environment for learning, benefiting from the more intimate smaller group.

Groups of up to 4 are ideal for doing this - you will work as a team, decide the areas you want to learn about, & then create some goals that are more specific to you - and support each other throughout the process of achieving these.

Get a small group together & let's meet up to talk more; mix and match with ideas from our Profit with Nutrition Programme LINK HERE, and our Eat To Achieve programme LINK HERE