Nick Owen is the founder of What Food, with a portfolio of clients that includes individuals & corporates clients, gyms in central London, & learning institutions such as University College London.

Nick's work ranges from providing detailed one to one nutritional advice to delivering a variety of lectures & workshops to larger audiences; as well as providing website content, newsletters & student learning materials.

Recent projects include working with businesses to raise awareness of the impact of food & exercise on profitability & performance, co-hosting a Peyton & Byrne Supper Club evening, as well as developing and leading the 'Appetite for Knowledge' & ‘Eat, Train, Gain’ programmes at Central YMCA Gym. Nick has also led workshops at Soho Gyms, and delivered nutrition lectures on UCL's MSc in Performing Arts Medicine.

Prior to this, Nick worked with large retailers & restaurants in food production, logistics & marketing, gaining great insight into how food reaches shops and restaurants, and the many processes that are more in the interests of profit rather than health.